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Female or Shemale

Welcome to dickorpussy.com! Thanks for considering to choose us and to play with us this erotic guessing game. We invite you and present to you females and shemales! It is right inthe name, as you can see, will you uncover a dick or a pussy? You, after a few quick clicks,will see a beautiful female...or wait, maybe a shemale...on your screen who will be enticing youand you will want to follow her where she takes you. But do you know who she is? It is up to youto guess what is real! Can you tell if she is a female or a shemale? This is what this game ondickorpussy.com is all about!

If you are still in a limbo about what you're playing at, let's help you out of it. We all know about transsexuality and that transgenders are people who do not relate to the genders they are born with. Their sense of identity and gender does not go hand in hand with their sex of birth. A trans male was born a woman and a trans female or a shemale was born a man. This is where it gets interesting because there is a fine line between transgenders and transsexuals. A line we often miss. Transsexual is a clinical term, it is an old word which was used mostly by medical professionals for individuals who wanted to alter themselves, through surgery or hormones, to feel comfortable in their bodies. And please be considerate, that they should be called transsexuals only if they're okay with it. More often than not, shemales who are transsexual, go through procedures to get desirable organs that they can relate to. And often they celebrate the organ they were born with and choose not to alter their bodies as transgenders. Through any of these ways, males born with a penis become women or shemales because that is who they really are. And on dickorpussy.com, they are here for you.

This exciting game lets you look at these beautiful, attractive women who are just the right amount of naughty. We know everyone has a type and a preference and so dickorpussy.com brings to the table a variety of females and shemales! Do you want her to be short or tall? A brunette or a blond? Naughty or nice? Do transsexuals excite you? You'll be in a fix! You won't be able to decide what and who they are but that is where the actual fun of this game lies in. A woman will appear on the screen that you are looking at and it is upto you to decipher her mystical secrets. Was she born a girl? Are those DDs real? Or is there a surprise in her panties? It is as exciting as you want it to be!

Tell us what turns you on, what a mind-blowing story this experience would be! Welcome your kinks and fetishes with us! We have everything for you. Break the chains that hold your imagination back. Do you not find these women sexy? Look at them. You want to be with them and so let dickorpussy.com help you realise that female or shemale, if you're attracted to the person, the surprise in her pants is a pleasant one indeed. Or is it not? No worries, because the fun is in guessing. The excitement is in the secret! Uncover it yourself by playing this rousing game. You know that shemales love giving back what they get. You can see them pleasuring themselves, or you. What an erogenous and thrilling thought it is...these magical beings are an enigma! Play this interesting game with dickorpussy.com because this is where you can explore what you were looking for.